Dr. Tyrone Bennett

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Dr. Tyrone Bennett


Dr. Bennett has over 25 years experience as a Research Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur Author, and Infrastructure Technologist and over 14 years experience as an Administrator of Science and Technology Programs at Stony Brook, Hofstra and City Universities. As a student advocate, Dr. Bennett received several awards including The Black Men of Distinction Award from NYS Senate, The First Junior Goodwill Ambassador from the Better World JL Institute and selected in Who’s Who in America 2005 Almanac. He has been nominated for the 2012 – 2013 Whose Who in North America Almanac for Educators and recently, received the 2011 City University of New York’s Chancellor Award.

Dr. Bennett and a team of aerospace engineers were invited by Congress in 2013 to lobby against needless reform in education and promote STEM. He also presented Research topics in STEM to government officials in Washington DC, New York State, the Department of Defense US Military, and the National American Council of Education, just to name a few. Dr. Bennett has been an active member of a few organizations; member of the Board of Directors for City University of New York, University Transportation Research Center (UTRC), Certified Lobbyist for Stony Brook University and Long Island for Association for Program Administrators for CSTEP & STEP (APACS), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) passport for future teacher, Program and Judge/host at John Hopkins’s University Annual AIAA Student Competition.

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He authored 5 books. His latest book, Anatomy of a Model Student has a website – Anatomyofamodelstudent.com. This book has topics on education in this country, “the teenage brain” and “you are what you eat” just to name a few. Currently, Dr. Bennett is working on a text book about Math Design including sub topics like infrastructure & Aerospace engineering design thru mathinfusion for elementary, middle and high school students. It is Dr. Bennett’s goal to teach students the importance of math and science in their lives and to produce scientist, engineers, math, and health science professionals in the 21st century for New York State and the USA.

Dr. Bennett studied manufacturing engineering of electronic materials at Polytechnic University holds Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, from SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica NY a Master’s of science degree in Technology Management, from Stony Brook University and a Doctoral of Education from St John’s University School of Education for Leadership and Accountability; Administration and supervision.

Dr. Bennett was an educational researcher and former Director of College Now and Director of High Schools/College Collaborations at CUNY LaGuardia Community College. He was overseer of 31 high schools in Queens, NY where junior and seniors have the opportunity to take a college level credit bearing courses, a program called College Now. He was the liaison for the Early College program at Middle College and International High Schools and was Principal Investigator for 3 grant programs including Upward Bound, STEP and LSAMP.

Currently, Dr. Bennett is an educator for school districts on Long Island, NY.

In 2013, he founded the Math-Infusion, LLC, a STEM company that supports students’ in math & technology thru hands-on experiences and in 2014 he became President of the Model Student Education Center, Inc. to mentor and raise education awareness among students in Suffolk County.

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The attempts of fixing our nation’s school system since 1964 have not been a walk in the park. Several legislations and laws have been reformed to improve ways to implement the improvement plans in our school system. Looking back at the anatomy of our education system in the last 50 years brings up very few solutions as to what direction is righteously affordable for the next generation. Whether you talk about equality of education or legislation for the common standards for K–12, what really matters is how well our next generation of youth is ready for the twenty-first-century workforce and/or college pathways.

Anatomy of a Model Student was written on behalf of students, teachers, and parents, who lack the understanding, guidance, stability, and hope in the twenty-first-century educational system. This is a system of turmoil. We have seen changes over the last fifty years, yet millions of students from elementary to freshmen year in college are suffering academically. Many are failing, and few are making the grade. Our nation ranks below the top 20 worldwide in math and science, and we are not moving fast enough to change it.

It is very important to note that students of all ages can benefit from this book to improve their education and get the much-needed support academically through counseling and mentoring. Parents and students need advisement. Students need to know what tools are available to succeed in their academic affairs, and parents need to know if those tools are adequate. Education is the key for success, and perseverance unlocks the door.

This book opens the door to a rewarding career and best decision making for a prosperous future and allows students to grasp a better understanding of what it means to be educated. This is a bible of educational fitness for parents and educators alike. It will empower, encourage, and mesmerize its readers.

Dr. Bennett encourages everyone to read it to be wise; and practice it to be educated!